2019 Annual Dues Notice

Annual Dues (January 1st – December 31st)

Your 2019 dues must be received by Dec. 31, 2018.


Lions Clubs International Dues $43.00
Multiple District (MD20) Dues $20.00
District (20S) Dues  $2.00
Local Club Dues  $25.00
Total Individual Member Annual Dues    $90.00

For Couples

Because International reduces their dues by half for additional family member Lions residing in the same household, the total for a Lion and a spouse is $158.50 per couple.

How to Pay

You may pay your annual dues in one of several ways:

  1. Send your check, payable to Shelter Island Lions Club, to the Club’s mailing address:
    Shelter Island Lions Club
    P.O. Box 760
    Shelter Island, NY 11964
  2. Pay online using either your credit card or your personal PayPal account by following the appropriate instructions below. [Note that there is no additional charge to the Club if you send money from a personal PayPal account, so if you have an account with PayPal use the second option below to avoid the extra fee.]

a.  To pay online using a credit card, please select the appropriate amount from the drop down list below and then click on the Pay Now button. You’ll be linked to the secure PayPal website and be charged $93.00 for one member or $163.50 for two members residing in the same household.  [Because PayPal charges the Club close to 3% plus $0.30 for credit card transactions, the Club must charge you the slightly higher amount to receive your full dues payment.]

Member Only or Member and Spouse

b.  To pay from your personal PayPal account, use your PayPal credentials to log into the PayPal website <PayPal.com>, select the Send Money option, then select the Send Money to Friends or Family option, enter the Club Treasurer’s email address <Treasurer2@ShelterIslandLions.org> and the appropriate amount ($90.00 for one member or $158.50 for two members residing in the same household), and follow the instructions on the PayPal website. (And please add the members’ names in the note field.)